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Welcome to the Deerfoot Lodge Donor Trading Post!

What is it?
The Donor Trading Post supports the ministry of Deerfoot Lodge, a Christian wilderness camp for boys. Our mission to build godly men in a Christ-centered community through wilderness camping began in 1930. 

How to Use it:
The Donor Trading Post contains items needed for the 2019 launch of Deerfoot Lodge Blue Ridge in Glenville, NC. Items range from as small as a canoe paddle to as large as a camper cabin. Your 'purchase' is actually a tax-deductible contribution to the Deerfoot Blue Campaign. Since the beginning of this campaign in 2016, we've raised 82% of the gifts and pledges needed to launch the new camp. We're so close to being able to open camp in 2019.

What is the Goal?
To launch Deerfoot Lodge Blue Ridge in 2019 we need to raise an additional $2,000,000 in gifts and pledges by the end of 2018. Thank you for helping us toward that goal by 'shopping' the Donor Trading Post. Every gift, large and small, helps. 

Why it Matters:
Boys and young men are living in a culture hostile to godly manhood. The effects of this are serious as studies show a steady decline in nearly every arena of boys' lives. Deerfoot Lodge has been building godly men for over 80 years through a wilderness camp program that is highly relational, deeply spiritual, and full of growth-producing challenges. Boys grow at Deerfoot. They grow close to the Lord and to each other. They also grow in resilience to face the challenges of life. Deerfoot boys become strong godly men. 

After more than 10 years of waiting lists at our camp in the Adirondacks of NY, Deerfoot envisions a second wilderness camp in  Glenville, NC. The Deerfoot Blue Campaign began in 2016 and is now near the completion of its Launch Phase. Our goal is to Launch the first phase of the camp in 2019.

Who to Contact:
If you would like to learn more about an item you see in this list, feel free to reach out to Chief Nick Dotti, the Blue Ridge Summer Camp Director at chiefnick@deerfoot.org or 828-435-2572.  
To discuss a pledge or other kind of contributions, contact Ron Mackey, the Executive Director at chiefron@deerfoot.org or 518-712-9074

How can you help?


Donate.  Volunteer.  Spread the word.